White Dove Global Prep Rwanda


A message from our Head of School

It is my greatest pleasure to lead White Dove Global Prep in the journey of offering a unique & exemplary college preparatory education to girls scholars in the beautiful country of Rwanda. We are a school that is constantly in pursuit of excellence in education. We lean wholeheartedly into the mission of providing a fulfilling and life enhancing learning experience for African girls using the Rwanda national competence based curriculum for both O and A level schooling.

We learn. We grow. We improve. We get better year after year.

Upon entering White Dove Global Prep a girl scholar becomes our greatest priority. We understand that we are not only here to educate but to mold and nurture upright, God fearing, respectful, articulate % competent future women global leaders.

Character building, biblically integrated, cross - cutting academics, self-esteem and physical, spiritual & mental development are paramount to the work that we do every day at White Dove Global Prep.

We thank you for your interest in our work and for entrusting us with your most precious jewels – your daughters. We look forward to working together to give them the best lower and upper secondary experience imagined and preparing them for the next seasons of their lives.

 Graciously Yours.

Patrice D.V Dorrall AKA HoS


White Dove Global Prep aims to be the first school of its kind in Rwanda, serving East African girls with a focus placed on STEM, entrepreneurship, visual arts, performing arts, and athletic training. The school will be an innovative and distinct addition to the education system producing the next generation of artisans, actors, musicians, Olympic athletes, and global leaders.

Our Vision

To provide an exemplary six year secondary school college preparatory academic, artistic and elite sports training based educational experience.


“Its always impossible until it’s done.”

Nelson Mandela